this food blog story

Sometimes when I see something yummy on TV or think back to one of the beautiful times when I tasted something mind blowing on my palate, I immediately want to make it! If it’s a family/friend recipe, I refer to my notes. Otherwise I start by googling the recipe. Then research it enough to my satisfaction (the battle to satisfy the mind versus desire to eat, time of research inversely proportional to the depth of the hunger). Check if the ingredients are available/can substitutions be made (otherwise research that)?  I would have been immersed in my netflix show one second ago and next second I will be in my kitchen gathering the resources required. I am going to make this thing I am craving. Welcome to my life!

More often than not, the research pays off and the recipes ends up being a keeper. However, I make changes along the way to alter the recipe for a healthy twist or a need-to-make-it-now twist. So next time I want to make it, it’s the whole cycle again but this time trying to figure out what I changed and by how much! So one second ago (while I was reading a book) I figured something has to break this cycle. I need a notebook to note down these cooking conquests. What better way to do it than the modern way and bring into fruition what the world is already flooding with – yet another food blog!  I am not going to say this blog is going to be something brand new because – let’s face it – I’m already late in this food blog game. But I can assure you this, the recipes presented will be easily makeable as I am no trained chef (only a food enthusiast) and also they will pleasantly surprise you with the healthy-to-tasty index (unless and other noted that they have been shared for the sole purpose of allowing you to have a party in your mouth cause well – it’s always worth it!).

Here’s to you having Cravings and Cookings adventures of your own!


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